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The bus from HERCEG NOVI to ZAGREB pass through DUBROVNIK, SPLIT, KARLOVAC (depending on the route). The road is about 683 km. Average length of travel according to the timetable is 13 hours and 55 min.

Luggage is usually paid per bag on all departures depending on the carrier. As the bus crosses the border be sure to bring your identification documents.

Timetable from HERCEG NOVI to ZAGREB can be found for days:


Jadran Ekspres Kotor is the bus company that operates from HERCEG NOVI to ZAGREB.

Buses have the smallest carbon footprint of all motorized transport modes.  A bus going from HERCEG NOVI to ZAGREB will emit half the CO2 emitted by a train, and radically less than a car or an airplane.

Herceg Novi

Herceg Novi, with approximately 200 sunny days a year, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Montenegro.

Located at the entrance to the Bay of Kotor and at the foot of Mount Orjen, Herceg Novi offers to tourists a rich monumental heritage, monasteries and churches, and numerous fortifications such as Španjola, Kanli Kula, Sat Kula and famous staircase, after which it takes its nickname “City of the stairs”.

Herceg Novi was founded as a fortress in 1382 by Bosnian King Stjepan Tvrtko I and was called Sveti Stefan or Castelnuovo. After the death of Tvrtko, Duke Sandalj Hranić of the Herzegovinian Kosačas acquired Castelnuovo. During his reign, Herceg Novi picked up trading salt, what bothered their neighbors from Dubrovnik, which in this part of Europe held a monopoly over salt trade in that time.

When Hranić died, his nephew, Herzog Stjepan Vukčić Kosača, inherited Castelnuovo. Under Stjepan, Castelnuovo expanded and thus became a city, renaming it to Herceg Novi.

The Turks conquered Herceg Novi in 1482, and ruled for 200 years, until 1687. In that period various nations and civilizations interspersed on its soil, leaving deep marks on the history, culture and overall development of the region.

Herceg Novi is known by a very rich cultural program in the summer months, which includes above all the traditional film and music festivals. Of course, the event are also organized during other months, which contributes to recognizable cultural life of the city.


Bus Station Zagreb is the largest, the busiest and the most urban terminal in Croatia and beyond, linking the capital city to the other parts of Croatia and most other European capitals. It is located along the Marin Držić Avenue, near central square and with a several parking lots. The station was founded in 1961, whereas the existing station building was built in 1987.


The area within the station abounds with various facilities necessary to make a trip as pleasant as possible. There are numerous places for rest, shopping and entertainment and also a large number of services available:


- Several small kiosks, souvenir shop and shops (Tobacco shop, Print Media, Kras, Konzum etc.),

- Bakery "Dubravica"

- On-call pharmacy "Farmacia"

- The Croatian Postal Bank and ATMs

- Croatian Post Office

- Croatian Lottery

- Clubs "Admiral" and "Automatic" (00-24h)

- Appliances with a variety of snacks, cold and hot drinks, as well as fruits


All the necessary information about the city and various promotional items are available within the Tourist Information Centre which is located on the first floor. The centre is opened from 09 a.m. to 21 p.m., while during the weekends and holidays from 10 a.m. to 17 p.m.


The Information Service of the Central Bus Station provides information on arrivals and departures of buses from Zagreb, other Croatian cities and Europe. Passengers can buy tickets within the station building, via Internet or by the telephone order for home – delivery. Reservation by the telephone order costs less than 12 kn / 2 euros.


Baggage lockers are located on the incoming platform no. 106 and it is opened 24 hours a day. Within the locker room there is a Cargo Service for receipt and dispatch of consignments. Storage of the luggage for the first four hours costs 5.00 kn/0,66 euros per piece and per hour, and £ 2.50/0,33 euros for each additional hour. For oversized and delicate luggage (travel bags weighing more than 40 kg, radio and TV sets, bicycles, etc.) it costs 10kn/1,31 euros per hour and per piece.

Five tram lines of daily transportation are available to passengers and those lines connect the station with the almost all parts of the city.

Also, the tram stop is located near the station, and thanks to that, the main railway station can be reached in five, while Ban Jelacic Square in ten minutes.


When it comes to the transport of the passengers from Zagreb airport and vice- versa there is Pleso Transport Company whose offices are on the ground floor of the bus station in Zagreb, and their platforms are located in the parking lot for cars.



Information and reservation for calls from Croatia: 060 313 333

Information and reservation for calls outside of Croatia: +385 1 6112 789

Email: promet@akz.hr



Address of the station:




Marin Držić Avenue 4, 10000 Zagreb

Tel: +385 1 6008 600;

Fax: +385 1 6008 616