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Autobuske linije

Autobuske linije i red vožnje

Kotor - Tirana (via Skadar) *polazi svakog dana u 08:00h, vraća se u 08:00h.



22 recenzija/e

The bus was ok, and we arrived about half an hour late.

Peter Weis

We changed bus and driver in Hani Hotit. I know both drivers from before. Both were competent and friendly. The arrival was prior than scheduled by a quite save trip.


The bus was quite old and not really clean. There were no stops to freshen up on the way, which was awful.

George Dampeer

Angad Singh

Bus is in a poor condition. Toilet is there but it''s locked. Driver doesn''t give any reason for it being locked. Also, the driver charges €2 per bag to be put in the hold luggage which is I think is ridiculous. Moreover, this extra cost is not mentioned on the ticket so feel wrong!

Elizabeth Jones

Pamela Wagner

Driver very nice

Feher Barbara

Jessica Skelton

Jorge Bellon


Bus drive was okay, but it was not clear where it would stop and we had to pay for our luggage. Which is fine but it felt like a scheme because it was no where on the website.

Ilena Maslac-Anger

Kübra Sönmezoğlu

Vojtech Dabrowski

Yeung Tak Ping

We had to change bus after crossing border

Milena Werner

Daphne Labrecque Nadeau

A little shuttle, the driver was smoking the whole trip, but he was friendly and gave us breaks.

Dalina Lleshi

Nancy Veverka

Leonardo De Melo

Bernou Boven

Noémie Barchietto

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