У нас нет информации о автовокзала на данный момент.

Trung Nguyen


When I arrived to Dubrovnik (at 12.30) I asked at bus station about my bus - if it will be on-time etc. They confirm, tell me the platform of arriving. Then, from 14.30 I started wait for a bus on platform. At 14.50 I asked again about on-time arriving of my bus and found out about its cansellation. So first confirm its OK, then find out that its not. I realise, that cansellation of bus its not responsibility of bus station, but if they have this information, why they don''t announce it?

Andreas Hernadi


Tidy and with a good support for customers.

Kay Kurimoto

Aitor Kortajarena Celada

Elena Lamy

No information about the the delay of the bus.

Filippos Sakkias

Adriana Ferreira

Milena Werner

Volak Sin

Gabriel Hakim

Pedro Bernardes

Falk Reinholz

Carolanne Magnan St-Onge