Nous n´avons pas d´informations sur la station de bus à ce moment


Is it bus station? It’s just platforms with no services

Finding the bus went smoothly but make sure to know which carrier/booth number to look for.


The dirtiest toilet I have ever seen is there.

George Dampeer

When I first bought my ticket, the departure point was listed as being in front of Osumi Travel on Zog Blvd. Luck

Pamela Wagner

Very difficult to find without the address and name of the agency!!! No one in town knew where to take us to meet the bus

Feher Barbara

Jorge Bellon

I spent almost 2h asking people around where was the bus departing from, it should be stated clearly when you buy the ticket


It was convenient.

Yeung Tak Ping

Thanks for the agent who drove us to the bus terminal

Milena Werner

Dalina Lleshi

Bernou Boven

Noémie Barchietto