Bus from Petrovac to Užice

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The bus from PETROVAC to UŽICE pass through the cities of BAR, BIJELO POLJE, KOLAŠIN, MOJKOVAC, PODGORICA, PRIJEPOLJE, SUTOMORE (depending on the route).The first bus leaves at 18:30, while the last departure at 23:04. The road is about 331 km. Average length of travel according to the timetable is 07 hours and 40 mins.
As the bus crosses the border during the tourist season unforeseen maintenance are possible. Be sure to bring your identification documents. Bus crew will create a list of the names of passengers before crossing the border. Luggage is usually paid per bag on all departures depending on the carrier.
Buses are generally high-class with air conditioning, ABS, comfortable passenger seats and similar.
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Bus companies which operate from PETROVAC to UŽICE are:BOŽUR, ROYAL TRAVEL, Jadran ekspres Subotica.



Užice is a city and the administrative center of the Zlatibor District in the western Serbia, located on the banks of the river Đetinja.

The city is completely surrounded by the Dinaric Alps, which are interconnected. 25 kilometres south of the city is Zlatibor mountain, which has a 120-year tradition of tourism. West of the city are Tara mountains and Zvijezda, which include The National Park with an area of 220 square of unspoiled nature.

The region surrounding Užice was settled by Illyrians, specifically the Parthini and Autariatae tribes. Their tombs are found throughout the region. In the 3rd century BC, Scordisci were formed here after the Gallic invasion of the Balkans.

The region was conquered by the Roman Empire in 168 BC, being organized into the Illyricum province in 32–27 BC, and after 10 AD, the province of Dalmatia. The town municipium Capedunum existed here during Roman times; its name indicates a Celtic origin (dun, fortress),[3] similar to Singidunum, the founding of Belgrade.

The Gymnasium of Užice is one of the oldest high school institutions in Serbia. Beside the gymnasium, there are also several other primary and secondary schools and faculties located in Užice. The library and theater are in the main square in the city center. Also located in the area are newspaper agencies, radio and television stations and publishing companies.

The city gallery is in the lowlands of Pašinovac, the oldest area of the city. The national museum displays cultural and historical treasures of the city, and with its exhibitions, shows the centuries of rich Užice history. It is located on the Eastern side of the main city street.