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The bus from PETROVAC to ČAČAK pass through the cities of BAR, BIJELO POLJE, KOLAŠIN, MOJKOVAC, PODGORICA, POŽEGA, PRIJEPOLJE, SUTOMORE, UŽICE (depending on the route).The first bus leaves at 18:30, while the last departure at 23:04. The road is about 386 km. Average length of travel according to the timetable is 08 hours and 42 mins.
As the bus crosses the border during the tourist season unforeseen maintenance are possible. Be sure to bring your identification documents. Bus crew will create a list of the names of passengers before crossing the border. Luggage is usually paid per bag on all departures depending on the carrier.
Buses are generally high-class with air conditioning, ABS, comfortable passenger seats and similar.
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Bus companies which operate from PETROVAC to ČAČAK are:BOŽUR, ROYAL TRAVEL, Jadran ekspres Subotica.



Čačak is a city and the administrative center of the Moravica District of Šumadija and Western Serbia, and it's one of the main crossroads and economic centers of Serbia. The city has a unique morphological area in its surroundings, the Ovčar-Kablar Gorge, where 300 monasteries have been built since the 14th century, but only 12 remain today. This area is also called "Serbian Mount Athos."

In the vicinity of Čačak there are more than 20 churches and monasteries, the largest number found on such a small area in Serbia. They represent cultural and historic monuments of great significance. The most important ones are the Church of the Ascension of Jesus, a church on Ljubić hill dedicated to Saint Tsar Lazar, as well as the Vujan Monastery located on a nearby mountain of the same name. Special value is attributed to the monasteries of the Ovčar-Kablar Gorge, which as a cultural and historic whole date back to the Middle Ages and represent the particularity of the region's cultural and artistic heritage created over the centuries.

Thermal and mineral springs with medicinal properties provide the basis for the development of recreational tourism. There are three spa resorts within the territory of the city of Čačak: Gornja Trepča, Ovčar Banja and Slatinska Banja. There are also picnic sites: Gradina and the "Battle and victory" park (also called "Spomen" (remembrance) park) on the Jelica mountain, the Memorial complex on Ljubić hill, Grujine fields, rafts on West Morava river in Beljina, Parmenac, Međuvršje and Ovčar Banja, and picnic sites on the tiny rivers called Dičina, Kamenica, Čemernica and Banja.