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Offenburg, situated 20 kilometers southeast of Strasbourg, is the heart of the Ortenau region blessed equally with wine, sun and culture, and an attractive destination for both leisure-seekers and gourmets.   The legend has it that the town was founded by the legendary King Offo. The first e...



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Freiburg, the sunny Black Forest metropolis, the 'capital of the Black Forest', lies in the tripoint to France and Switzerland. With more than 200 000 inhabitants, Freiburg offers a variety of cultural activities, various theaters, concerts, museums and historic buildings. The Black Forest i...



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Limburg is a town in the district of Limburg-Weilburg in Hesse and with about 34,000 inhabitants is also its most populous city. Due to its location, Limburg has a central function for the sparsely populated western part of Hesse, as well as for parts of the Western Forest District (Westerwaldkreis)...



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On the eastern outskirts of the Ruhr area lies the city of Hamm, which has many attractions to offer. In the historic town center there are a number of neat buildings from the late baroque like the Town Hall. In addition to the historic buildings, there are numerous industrial monuments in Hamm. In ...