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Tirana Airport

"Mother Teresa" Airport (Rinas Airport) in Rinas is the airport of the capital and at the same time Albania's only international airport for civilian flights. Tirana International Airport "Mother Theresa" was built in a two year period - the construction began in mid-1...


Podgorica Airport

Podgorica Airport (also known as Golubovci Airport) is located in Golubovci, 12 km south of Podgorica. Montenegro Airlines's technical bases are located there. Podgorica airport provides services in regular and public transport and charter transport. This Airport is one of the two public air...


Tivat Airport

Tivat Airport is located in the south of Montenegro in the Bay of Kotor, 3 km south of Tivat, 8 km from Kotor and 20 km from Budva. The airline of Montenegro Airlines is housed at this Airport. Tivat Airport is one of the two public airports in Montenegro, the other is Podgorica airport. ...