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stu 29, 2018

Established as a Viking fishing village in the X century, Copenhagen became the capital of Denmark in the early 15th century. Copenhagen has seen strong urban and cultural development, driven by investment in its institutions and infrastructure. It is the cultural, economic and government center of Denmark. It is one of the major financial centers of Northern Europe with the Copenhagen Stock Exchange. In 2012, Copenhagen was the third in the ranking of the richest cities in the world in terms of gross income, dropping from the top spot in 2009.

Since the late 1990s, Copenhagen has undergone a transformation from a small Scandinavian capital into a metropolitan city of the international field in the league of cities such as Barcelona and Amsterdam. This is due to massive investment in infrastructure, culture as well as in successful new wave from Danish architects and designers.

Museums in Copenhagen have a wide array of international standard museums. The National Museum, Nationalmuseet, is Denmark's largest museum and cultural archeology of history, made up of Danish and foreign culture stories.

The National Gallery - "Statens Museum of Kunst" - is the National Museum of Art of Denmark and features collections dating from the 12th century and all the way to the artists to date. Among the artists represented are the collections of Rubens, Rembrandt, Picasso, Braque, Léger, Matisse and Emil Nolde.

With a number of bridges linking different districts, the city's appearance is characterized by parks, promenades and coastal scenery. Copenhagen Tourist Facilities such as Tivoli Gardens, Little Mermaid Statue, Amalienborg Palace and Christiansborg, Rosenborg Castle, Frederick Church, and many museums, restaurants and nightclubs are an important tourist attraction. In addition to recent developments in the city's services sector and the pharmaceutical industry, there have been a number of clean technology initiatives, supporting the city's carbon neutral goal within 2025.




Today, the city's appearance has shaped the key role that has played as a regional center for centuries. Copenhagen has a number of districts, each representing its own time and its own special character, making it a dense urban fabric. Other distinctive features of Copenhagen include water abundance, many parks, and numerous bicycle paths.

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