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Crmnica villages - Godinje

Crmnica villages - Godinje

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The most visited place in the most fertile part of Montenegro - Godinje, one of the few villages in Crmnica that has direct access to Skadar Lake. The easily accessible shore of the lake is one of the segments of its beauty and attractiveness, but not the only one. Godinje is a fairytale place, located between green hills and ridges, with only a few dozen permanent residents, but constantly visited by tourists from all over the world - mostly from Europe.

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The whole of Crmnica, including Godinje, is abundant with areas of arable land and sources of drinking water. People are mainly engaged in cultivating the land, and there are numerous vineyards and orchards. If you stop by Godinje, don't miss the opportunity to taste wine and a local brandy known as rakija. These strong alcoholic beverages are typical of the entire climate, and almost every house produces them.

The beauty of Godinje is reflected in the traces of the past that are preserved, often hidden, throughout the village and its surroundings. Artifacts from the late Roman era were discovered in Kuti, while in the nearby village of Mijele there are tombs with skeletons in a contorted state and jewelry of ancient inhabitants of this part of Montenegro. Traces of the past are also present on the houses in the village itself, in the form of relief decorations, braids, coats of arms that decorated the outer walls of the buildings. Unfortunately, many buildings are under lake water. 

As already mentioned, the village is inhabited by only a few dozen people, although in previous centuries it was the most populated village in Crmnica. After the Second World War, Godinje and the rest of Crmnica recorded a constant decline in the number of permanent residents. People are moving to industrially developed parts of the country, while rural development itself is mostly stagnant. However, Godinje can boast of a neat infrastructure, well-maintained roads, electricity and water that directly supplies all the houses in the village. More and more often, the old houses of the locals are being opened to host tourists, as hostels, b&bs, and restaurants. 

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