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Don't get lost: Sarajevo has two bus stations

Don't get lost: Sarajevo has two bus stations

Travel destinations , 2 Comments Dec 06, 2017

When your visiting Sarajevo make sure not to get lost, especially if you plan to visit the city by bus, because Sarajevo has two bus stations.

The main Sarajevo bus station is located near the city center, next to the main railway station. The main bus station is the starting point for most buses to the rest of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as international for Croatia, Slovenia and Western Europe. For buses which operate to destinations in Serbia and Montenegro and the Republic of Serbian starting station is Lukovica.

Bus station Lukavica is located in the eastern part of Sarajevo, so if you are in the center, we recommend a cab ride or trolley bus No.103 or 107 that goes to the station Dobrinja. Keep in mind that taking a trolley bus takes a long time and tend to be large crowds, therefore, if you are traveling with luggage, consider take a taxi, which is relatively cheap in Sarajevo.

The main bus station in Western Sarajevo is large and spacious. There are more than 10 platform. Inside the station there are cafes and small restaurants, with shops and kebab stores. Inside and outside the station there are kiosks, the station also has a toilet.

Bus stations in Sarajevo are opened every day from 5am to 10pm.






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