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Kopaonik: The largest ski resort in Southeast Europe

Kopaonik: The largest ski resort in Southeast Europe

Travel destinations , 0 Comments Dec 13, 2017

Kopaonik is a mountain in the central part of Serbia and the largest mountain range in the country. Kopaonik is a major ski resort in Serbia is the largest in Southeast Europe. There are 25 ski lifts with capacity of 32,000 skiers per hour.

Due to its rich mines, Kopaonik was originally named Silver Mountain and that name was also used by the Romans, Venetians and Ottomans. Its current name, originally Kopalnik, is also connected to the ore mining as it comes from kopati, Serbian for digging.

In 1981, due to its location, climate, rich forests, variety of herbs, and area for holiday and recreation, 121.06 km2 of the range were proclaimed a national park.

Kopaonik has several excellent natural lookouts: Suvo Rudište, Gobelja, Karaman, Kukavica, Vučak and Treska. On a clear day, a distant mountains in Montenegro, Bulgaria and Albania can be observed. There are 13 localities within the park which are declared a strict nature reserves: Barska Reka, Bele Stene, Vučak, Gobelja, Duboka, Jankove Bare, Jelak, Jelovarnik, Kozje Stene, Mrkonje, Metođe, Samokovska Reka and Suvo Rudište.

The snow season lasts from November to May, while there are around 200 sunny days. The duration and quality of snowfall and skiing grounds have attracted an increasing number of guests. Kopaonik has mild winters with high levels of snowfall. There are on average about 200 sunny days annually with 160 days covered with snow.


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