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Koper - The main port of Slovenia

Koper - The main port of Slovenia

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Koper is the main port of Slovenia, the largest coastal settlement on the coast of Slovenia and certainly one of the most beautiful Slovenian cities.

A town of about 24 thousand inhabitants, was first mentioned as Aegida in the ancient times. Due to its good geographical position, throughout history, Koper has been the target of conquering civilizations, so it was ruled by the Venetians, the Habsburgs, and the Italians. Koper knew how to valorize its rich history by preserving buildings that, among other things, made it a popular tourist destination, especially in summer. 

Photo: Jaka Ivancic

In Koper, winters are mild and summers are very pleasant. It is an ideal destination for one-day trips. You can view the bus timetable Koper on our website Keep in mind that a return bus ticket Koper is valid 30 days from the day of departure.

Upon arrival to this wonderful little town, you will certainly visit the old town, which dates back to the Venetian period. In the very center of the city there is the Titov trg – Tito's square, from where the streets lead to other parts of Koper. The symbol of the city, The Praetorian Palace is also situated on the Tito's square. 

Photo: Jost Gantar

From the top of the Cathedral of the Assumption, also located on Tito's square, you can enjoy a wonderful view. Among the medieval buildings that adorn the city center is the Loggia Palace, a building intended for city debates, decorated with a large number of coats of arms, niches and reliefs. The statue of the Virgin Mary with the Child, made in 1554 to commemorate the deadly plague, is particularly beautiful. Since the 19th century, on the ground floor of the Lodge there has been a cafe, which is considered the oldest in Slovenia.

Photo: Ubald Trnkoczy

One of the oldest buildings in the city, the Fontico from the 14th century, is located on Brolo Square. It was used for grain storage, decorated with Renaissance and Gothic windows, coats of arms of the city rulers of that time.

This coastal city has beautiful and accessible beaches, clean sea water and free access. There is also a beach intended for dogs, located at the end of Semedelska Promenade. 

Photo: Jost Gantar

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