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velj 11, 2019

The ring around Durmitor is a circular road around the Durmitor Mountain, 85 km long across the plateau of Tara and Piva. It passes along peaks rising to a height of more than 2,000 meters, through high mountain (Sedlo, Štuoc) and crossing the canyon of Sušica. This magnificent road will surprise you over and over again, with beautiful views, unspoiled nature and authentic villages, where the lifestyle is almost unchanged for hundreds of years.

Whoever had the opportunity to visit Durmitor at least once, will agree that this is a beautiful place. What separates it from others and gives it the advantage is the 18 lakes that are in the area of this mountain.

Since it's a ring, wherever you go, you will return to the starting place.

Durmitor ring belongs to very picturesque tours, because it covers a wide range of diverse landscapes: deep canyons, the highest peaks, pastures, rivers and small streams, driving through the forest, etc.

Žabljak - 1450 m., - the first point of journey is a small town known as the Montenegrin capital of mountain tourism. The path leads you through the tunnels, which are a true example of wild beauty. All caution and maximum attention are needed. Here you can enjoy the view of the Pivsko Lake and Pluzine.

Momčilov grad - the first stop on the way is the top of the former ski resort. Great view of the town of Zabljak and Durmitor.

Veliki Štuoc - the first crossroads and the highest point on the trip - an excellent view of the Tara canyon, the deepest canyon in Europe and the second largest in the world. Also, Veliki Štuoc is the place where the Tara canyon is deepest (about 1300 m).

Little Montenegro - a remote village of Durmitor, located on the edge of the Sušica canyon. Despite its inaccessibility during the winter, Little Montenegro is housed throughout the year.

Sušica - in the western part of the Durmitor Mountain lies the canyon of the Sušica River, a river that runs mostly underground. At the bottom of the canyon there is a unique phenomenon - a beautiful Lake Sušica that has a periodic character. At the time when the snow from the surrounding mountains melts, the lake is filled with water, and later it dries and turns into an incredible picturesque valley.

Trsa - another village on the road. This part of the road is classified into light sections, a slight rise and descent. There are several restaurants, village bars and eco villages where you can sleep.

Prutaš (2400 m.) - one of the most interesting peaks in this area due to its unique vertical rock walls. The horses dominate with their grain, as it looks like it is saturated with a variety of hives.

Sedlo (1907 m.) - the second mountain pass on this way, the boundary of the two great Durmitor valleys (Dobri Do and Lomni Do).

Savin Kuk (2313 m.) - An inevitable place that must be seen during the visit to Durmitor. In the winter there is a ski resort, and in the summer it is possible to go on a panoramic ride by cable car to the top.

Žabljak - our journey ends at the same place where it started.

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