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The journey that returns the power: SOFIA - BELGRADE

The journey that returns the power: SOFIA - BELGRADE

Travel destinations , 0 Comments Jan 25, 2021

At the end of 2018, I decided to take a break and relax somewhere. Although someone may thinks that cold days deprives the possibility of full enjoyment, I can prove that they are wrong.

The first destination that came to my mind was the capital of Bulgaria - SOFIA.


I entered in the bus that departs from Podgorica at 20: 05h and traveled all night to Skopje. After waiting maybe four or five hours, I continued on to Sofia. The thought of what my eyes are going to see, a paradise and a phenomenal city for a visit, did not let me sleep well on the bus.

Finally, the day dawned. Roads filled with people running on all sides, without obstacles because of the cold wind blowing; children who, holding hands with their parents, go to kindergartens and schools; New Year's ornaments and all other details, filled me with joy.

The surrounding mountains that reach more than 2000 m, made this city looks small; However, when I started exploring the history and monuments of Sofia, I saw that it had a higher value than all the mountains around. National Archaeological Museum, Sofia Synagogue, a large number of churches, galleries ...

I could see it all in detail, to see their lifestyle, their daily lives.

After three days of rest in Sofia, I wanted to visit another city that connects antiquity with the modern world - BELGRADE.

I entered into a bus that departs at 9:00 am from Sofia. The road to Belgrade did not last much, around five or five and a half hours. During that time, I had the opportunity to separate myself from this magical place, and slowly enter into the "new world".

White streets, white trees that are above the roads ... that color that awakened my motivation and the desire to stay in Belgrade for longer.


But two days were not enough to see the history of Belgrade, to see all of these galleries, museums, monuments, libraries, bridges ... simply, it's a city that, with its beauty, increases the desire to stay here.

While walking through the streets of Belgrade and feeling the cold winter, you can also feel the spirit of antiquity.

I went into the bus again. I'm traveling again, I'm back to where I started. But this time I was completed. I felt rich about everything I saw and experienced.


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