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Transfer - Delta City Podgorica

Transfer - Delta City Podgorica , 0 Comments Feb 14, 2019

Delta City Podgorica is the first and the largest shopping mall in Podgorica. It was opened on October 1, 2008.

The mall is built in the new part of Podgorica, on the junction of roads towards Cetinje and Nikšić. It has a total floor area of 48,000 m², with gross leasable area of 24,000 m².

It covers the most diverse stores of domestic and foreign manufacturers. There are also multiplex cinema, children's specialties, theme restaurants, fast food restaurants, bars, etc.

Mall also features a Cineplexx 6 screen multiplex cinema, and largest supermarket in Montenegro.
A large garage that spans the length of the mall at its back, and open parking in front make up for some 1,000 parking spaces.

If you need transfer to visit this mall or if you need a return home from there, you only need to send us an e-mail to and we will take care of the transport organization. It's important to let us know 48 hours before the desired trip, in order to be able to organize everything properly. always with you!


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