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Turizam u albaniji

Turizam u albaniji

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Despite its favorable geographical position, Albania lived for decades in isolation from the world under the strict control of Enver Hoxha, but today this country is trying to make up for the lost years of the communist dictatorship as much as possible, and is working intensively on joining the European Union. Tourism is one of the branches of the economy that is recognized as a great potential for economic development. Even more, tourism in Albania is currently considered a key element of the country's economic activity and is constantly developing.

With the help of World Bank funds, local sewage networks were improved, which improved the quality of bathing water. This and similar investments show the West's interest in reviving Albania as a stable oasis of rest and commercial tourism. Numerous renowned international hotel chains were built, such as Marriott, Hyatt, Maritim Plaza, Hilton Garden Inn, MK Hotel, and others.

In recent years, vacationing in Albania has been in high demand among tourists from the countries of the region, but also from Western and Northern Europe. Europeans are attracted to Albania by its pristine sandy beaches, rugged picturesque landscapes and much cheaper prices than in other more famous Mediterranean holiday destinations.

In addition, the veil of mystery of this country, largely unknown to the West, attracts curious travelers and explorers.

Albania has a rich archaeological and cultural heritage that dates back to BC, when the Illyrians and ancient Greeks inhabited the region. Throughout history, the territory of Albania was occupied and inhabited by the Romans, Byzantium, Turkey and the Republic of Venice.

Although agritourism, a combination of agriculture and tourism, is successfully developing in Albania, the biggest cities are the centers of tourism: Tirana, Shkodër, Durrës and Saranda.

Tirana, the capital of the country, is known for its cultural heritage, religious diversity, socialist, but also Italian architecture and natural beauties such as the nearby Dajti mountain, parks and lakes. Tirana is also widely known for its fancy restaurants with particularly delicious food, and traditional agritourism estates. Many festivals, sports competitions, live music performances are often organized, and there are several regionally famous shopping centers.

Certain well-known restaurants with quality service and local specialties are also located on the Dajti mountain, which can be reached by cable car and offers a great view of the city.

As the capital of Albania, Tirana also has numerous museums, galleries and theaters, such as the National History Museum, the Archaeological Museum and the Natural History Museum, and you can visit the National Art Gallery. For lovers of ballet and theater performances, there is a National Theater and an Opera and Ballet Theater in Tirana.

If you want to travel by bus, you can get from Serbia to Tirana via Pristina, and from Montenegro via Podgorica or Kotor.

 Shkoder was founded in the 4th century BC by Illyrian tribes. Today, this city has a great influence on the culture, religion and art of Albania. It has its characteristic appearance of narrow streets, high stone walls and high gates. Rozafa Castle, east of the city, is one of the most prominent architectural landmarks in the region.

Shkodër can act as an urban chaos, a combination of everything and anything. On one side, unsightly buildings from the communist period line up, on the other, new and modern skyscrapers and architectural pearls.

Many say that Shkodër is the true soul of Albania with its narrow streets and ancient houses that blend with stone walls and modern buildings. This is a place worth visiting to feel the spirit of real Albania.

  You can easily get to Shkoder by bus from Podgorica or Kotor in Montenegro.

Durres is one of the oldest cities in the world. Numerous elements of different architectural styles from antiquity to modernity are present throughout the city. Coastal waters offer beaches, coves, headlands, sport fishing and sailing.

  Durres is located on the coast of the Adriatic Sea, and is the most famous Albanian summer resort, but also the largest port on the Adriatic. A city of rich history, beautiful beaches, hospitable people. Durrës is a tourist center with plenty of hotels, and it is also known for its restaurants with excellent seafood specialties.

​ Durres is home to the largest amphitheater in the Balkans, built in the 2nd century BC, during the Roman era. Located in the very center of the city, only one half of it is above ground, while the rest of the amphitheater is buried. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions, discovered relatively recently, and today it is a candidate for World Cultural Heritage.

Saranda is a coastal city along the southern Albanian coast of the Ionian Sea, located in a horseshoe-shaped mountain bay. The natural phenomenon of the Blue Eye spring is among the most prominent attractions of this area.

Saranda is first of all a very dynamic city. The promenade along the seashore is full of tourists in the evening, and there are many excellent cafes, restaurants and pubs nearby. The weather suitable for vacationing and swimming in Albania, especially in the south of the country, lasts from late April to early October.


However, the most beautiful beaches, which many say are some of the most beautiful in Europe, are located around Saranda.

  Apartments are generally located very close to beaches and promenades, while some of the hotels have their own swimming pools, private beaches and numerous other facilities. is a portal whose activity is the online sale of bus tickets, and we can offer you direct bus departures to Albania from the following cities:

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