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Zlatibor is a town in Serbia situated in the Čajetina municipality, in the Zlatibor District. It's a popular tourist resort in Serbia, by road is connected with Užice and Nova Varoš. Zlatibor lies on the road linking Belgrade with the Montenegrin coast and off the Belgrade-Bar railway.

The town's original name was Kulaševac. In August 1893, King Aleksandar Obrenović came to Kulaševac and built a fountain called Kraljeva česma (The King's Fountain). In honor of King Aleksandar's contribution, Kulaševac was renamed to Kraljeva Voda (The King's Water). In 1903, King Petar Karađorđević I built a villa on the site, helping strengthen the growing trend of turning the slopes surrounding Kraljeva Voda into a vacation spot. After World War II, Kraljeva Voda was renamed to Partizanske Vode (The Partisans' Waters) in 1946. The name change was out of respect for wounded Zlatibor Partisans who were murdered by Nazi Germany's army in November and December 1941, while they were recovering in the main hospital of Palisad in the northern part of Kraljeva Voda. In 1995, Partizanske Vode was renamed to Zlatibor, recognizing the mountain upon which the town rests. The town lies roughly 10 kilometers from Tornik, a mountain popular with skiing enthusiasts.

The mountain Zlatibor is an important tourist area of Serbia, with resources for health tourism, skiing and hiking. Situated at an elevation of just over 1,000 metres, Zlatibor is a climatic resort, characterized by a cool alpine climate, clean air, long periods of sunshine during the summer and a heavy snow cover in winter. Tourist facilities include modern hotels, holiday centers and cottages, sports grounds and skiing tracks.


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