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The largest and the busiest bus terminal slated for international departures in Austria, is located in the southeastern part of Vienna and it includes 18 bus platforms. As in Austria, a lot of travelers use rail transport much more than the bus transport; it is mostly used for transport to Central and Eastern European destinations.


Within the station there are many sales counters, waiting rooms, toilets, lockers, ATM and several appliances for drinks and snacks. Also, the free internet access is provided.


Working time is from 6:30 a.m. to 21:00 p.m. and during that period the tickets can be purchased and reservations can be confirmed. Although there is possibility to travel without reservations once in a while, in the absence of the bus seats, the priority will be given to passengers who reserved their seats, while those who do not have one will have to leave the bus, so it is always recommended to make a reservation before the trip.


Vienna is well connected by direct bus connections to the many cities in Europe, with the local lines "Eurolines" and "Blaguss" in particular.


Despite the fact that the station is not located in the center of Vienna, after getting off the bus, passengers can rapidly get to the old town. Bus terminal which is connected to the old town is situated in the Third district (Wien Landstrasse). Also,  the subway station Erdberg is located across the station building and it takes about 10 minutes drive to the city center.


Due to the numerous international lines on a daily level, there are many available discounts - 10% from the Eurolines carrier and 15% from the other ones for passengers who are under 26 and over 60 years. Discounts are not valid for promotional tickets.


For the majority of carriers traveling from Serbia the arrival station is Erdberg, for the majority from Albania the arrival station is Südtirolerplatz, while for the carriers from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Croatia and Montenegro both stations alternatively.



Ljubljana – Vienna 


Zagreb – Vienna 

Bosnia and  Herzegowina:

Banja Luka – Vienna 

Sarajevo – Vienna 


Belgrade – Vienna 

Novi Sad – Vienna 


Podgorica – Vienna

Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia:

Skopje – Vienna 



Erdbergstrasse 200A, 1030 Wien

e-mail: info@vib-wien.at


Antoine Rougier