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Novi Pazar

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Novi Pazar, located in the Raška District of western Serbia, with the population of 66,527 inhabitants, bears the title of a city in its own right since 1461. The city was established by Ottoman general Isa-Beg Ishaković, the Bosnian governor of the district who also ...



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Serbia's third-largest metropolis, founded even in  pre-Roman times, is a city of contrasts, where along new and posh cars Roma trot in their horse-drawn carriages, a city buzzing with fancy cocktail pubs, bars and pubs, live music scene and  numerous fairs during summer. Niš wa...



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The royal city Forchheim, idyllically located on the Steigerwald and Franconian Switzerland, is one of the oldest and most popular recreation areas in Germany. It is a charming valley landscape, with many leisure, sports and park facilities and interesting excursions and sights in the surroundings o...



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Ingolstadt is one of the cities that offer visitors the most in a confined space. Ingolstadt is a free city on the Danube in Free State Bavaria with 135.126 inhabitants. Ingolstadt is, after Munich, the second largest city of Oberbayern and after Munich, Nuremberg, Augsburg and Regensburg the fifth ...